Ultimate Baptism Bath Upgrades

Baptism Day TowelAnyone who has visited multiple churches throughout their life can tell you that the faces all change, but there are a few things that remain consistent from one church to another. Virtually all of them have a special area for baptism baths so that churches can welcome new members to the church and wash them of their past sins. With the constant need for these baths, there are some churches trying to keep up with the times and find ultimate baptism bath upgrades to make their jobs easier.

Early Baptizing Rituals

Old Style BaptismThroughout history, baptizing has taken many forms. All of them were thought to remove evil from the person being baptized. At times, people were completely put under water by the priest as a few words were said over them. This could be scary for people with a fear of water or children who were new to the church. There are some churches that simply pour a little water over a person’s head. This is not a bad experience for anyone to go through, but it can be a little messy. As times have changed, so have these baptisms, the things that are said, the meaning behind them, and more.

Important Features of a Baptism Bath

There are a lot of things that some people believe about baptisms. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that many also speculate about the bath. There are some who say that you must be fully dunked into the water for a short time to become a member of the church. Others say that a dip into holy water is enough and still more say that it simply must be poured over your head. Every church that you visit will have their own way. The only absolute is that the water must be blessed by the church.

Upgrades of Old Ways

There are many people who feel that the best way to do things is the old way of doing them. It is true, there are certain traditions that should be upheld in a baptism. They include the words that the priest says over your body, you become a full member of the church and should be surrounded by the people of it, and the water that has also been blessed. The truth is, anyone can benefit from a baptism and most of the newer churches are leaning toward technology to handle some baptisms. One example is an infant, who is welcomed into the church as a member of their family. This often includes nice clothes for the infant, many parents choose white gowns for both boys and girls, and the priest blessing the little one. For the actual baptizing though, they may use a baby shower head to spray holy water over the infant’s head rather than dipping the baby. This is preferred by most parents since the ceremony may happen at a very young age. This type of upgrade can be used on people of all ages who join the church and this makes them very worth it for the church.