Best Resources for Video Games

But if you are lazy to go to offline stores, might as well find the best video games from the web. Here are gamers’ top recommended websites:

The website features hardcore games with the editorial team’s views about its culture and the like. This the first site to offer video game podcasting.

The website provide news on the latest video games, reviews and previous as well.

Ign is probably the largest video game site in the web. However, you are required to pay a subscription fee to become a member and access exclusive videos and games on their website. Amongst others, the Ign has the largest reviews because their servers are really good.

If you wish to know the latest video game news, get on and join chats and conversations through blogs and forums. Here are some reputable sites:,, and

We have been discussing about ratings and video game sites but are you familiar with your gaming system. If not, never miss that out.

Computers –PCs

Anyone can conveniently install video games right to their personal computers, laptops and the like. The most important aspect to look into is the graphic processing memory or the GPU in order to generate better graphic output. As technology continuously improves, you can get HDMI or VGA cables to connect your computers to a wide television screen. A set of the best gaming headsets will spruce up your gaming experience ten fold.

The Video Game Consoles

These are devices custom-designed especially for video games. Typically, game consoles come with joysticks or main unit processors that serve as input devices connected to television screens. The most popular platforms are Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation 3. Or if you prefer handheld video gaming consoles, you can get the Nintendo DS or the PSP Vita.

Xbox 360 is among the most renowned video game platforms with the latest OS for playing video games. Xbox 360 enhances gaming experience with by making each game more realistic. Packed with astonishing graphics and powerful hard drives, even the most seasoned gamers can say it’s the best.

When it comes to gaming quality, playing with PlayStation 3 is not far behind. It comes with easy control and designed for Blu-ray and 3D content. Plus, you can access some free online games too. Yes, it’s Wi-Fi compatible so you can access great online games through the Internet. What about the specs? The PlayStation 3 is equipped with 256 MB VRAM running at 700 MHZ and 256 MB main RAM at 3.2GHz – a true standard.

Among the three, Wii is one of its kind. Graphics may not be at best but the control system is truly innovative. Wii is best for casual gamers. Nintendo has its own unique way of catching the crowd and seemingly not enticed to compete with graphics and such instead enhancing the fun features to grab the market. So, if graphics is not an issue, Nintendo Wii consoles are for sale at a very affordable price.

Mobile Gaming Platforms

What make mobile phones in are probably its features and its gaming capability. Some people get phones and tablets because they want their favorite games handy. The most popular gaming platforms today are Android Mobile OS, iOS, Windows Mobile and Firefox OS.