We are a Christian Publishing Company and currently publish the following types of books:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Self-Help
  • Teaching
  • Devotional

At this time we do not publish Childrens books or Poetry.
We are not a Subsidy or Vanity Publisher. We take full financial responsibility for publishing and marketing your book and our books are distributed to bookstores (Christian and secular such as Barnes & Nobles and Borders etc. across the US, Canada and the UK.)

Our Publishing Company has been accepted into the Library of Congress CIP Program (Cataloging In Publication) so our books are also available in Public Libraries.

We accept unsolicited submissions once a year during the month of January ONLY. It is not necessary for you to have an agent in order to make your submission.

We do not accept submissions via email. Your submission should include the following items:

  1. Cover Letter
    Tell us Why your book will sell.
    Who is it geared towards?
    If there are books on the market that are similar, what title(s) can it be compared to?
    If it is different from anything on the market, what makes it different?
  2. Outline or Table of Contents
    If it is fiction give us a one page synopsis.
  3. Sample Chapter
    If it is fiction send a chapter that gives a good sampling of dialogue and story line.
  4. Word Count

Please do not send the entire manuscript.
If we are interested we will contact you (via email – so make sure your email address in included in your package) and we will request that you send the entire manuscript. We do not accept manuscript proposals for a manuscript that has not been written yet.

Also include a list of other titles that you have already written for future publication. We do not offer contracts to authors of only one book. You must be prepared to have us publish a minimum of one title every two years but preferably one title per year.. We offer contracts to authors with a 3 book option only.

We have the best professionals in the industry on our team to produce the highest quality of books. Our title, The Payload won a 2004 Award for cover design. All our book covers and interiors are designed by BookWrights Design. We have our own in-house photographer who travels to the authors home to do photo shoots for our author photos for use in marketing. We occasionally but rarely use stock photos for cover pictures. Usually our cover photos are taken by our photographer to insure that our bookcovers are unique.